Трейдинг & Тренинг ~ Trading &Training

        По ту сторону рынка  ~ On the other side of the Market

     Everyone, who enters the Financial Market, wants to make good money. Maybe, some of you have already tried to make some steps in this direction. But the result wasn’t satisfactory. And in doing so – you lost your time and your money. I was in the same situation!


    The question is: How can we make good money then? What should we use to turn our lost revenues into profits? I’ve asked myself these questions and delved into the different unstandardized techniques of the computerized market timing system. Because the standard methods didn’t work at all (I mean the technical analysis patterns of Forex with a huge army of indicators and the absolutely incomprehensible fundamental analysis).   As a result of my studying I came to the determination that everything depends on the tone of the major financial market participants, who move the price towards the profitable/ proper direction for them. But there was a little nuance there: WHERE and HOW can we see their movements? And what do you think? That “nuance” was СМЕ (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)  where you can look at the moving of the contracts (cold cash) for a specific period of time. Right then the relation became apparent between the trading in futures and the option transactions. And then the rest was just applying the right skills: a new trading analytical system has arisen step by step. That view hadn’t been available until now.  But it became clear to me that the only right direction was chosen for the cash/price flow analysis. 

  Now I can give you the clear understandable trading system based just on the cash flow/ the movement of funds at the market. It works effectively both FOREX and the derivatives market RF.


    My trading system gives you:

Clear strong signal for the opening and the closing of the position 

Clear and understandable handle for cuts and profits

You always will understand what you should do at the moment


And the most important – You will start to make money in the financial market ALL BY YOURSELF! 



If you came to the financial market to make money…


If you have already been involved with or used to be involved with trading, and you are upset at results …


If you have been involved in trading but you haven’t your own the trading system and you don’t understand how you can come to the good result by means of simple and consistent and successive actions…


If the main job doesn’t bring satisfaction and it is just a source of money and unfulfilling…




Then – Welcome this way!


                          10 Decemder. My speechification at the NOC-10

         8 Decrmber. Awards Ceremony YouTrade.TV. One of them mine in nomination

                          of “The best Trader of the Derivatives Market 2016”

      14 November. I took a part in the TV programm of Elena Hrupkova on the RBC.